It´s the Season - Food is all around

It´s almost Christmas and we have been busy going to office parties, meeting friends and family for dinner, going to the Christmas market drinking Glühwein and treating us to Gromperckichelcher ... and it ain´t over yet ! Food is actually all around; warm, sweet, delicious and bringing back memories from former Christmases. This surely is a wonderful time and nothing beats spending time with our closest family and friends during Christmas but this is also the time to be conscious of our nutrition since this is in fact a whole month of holiday eating. It´s cold and dark outside so many of us find comfort in divulging in all the goodies available around us so there are quite a few pitfalls to avoid ... and it´s actually not so hard ! It´s all about balance; we are not partying all day long so we can always start the day by eating healthily and maybe squeeze in some exercise as well and then enjoy the good food later in the day.

10 tricks to stay healthy during the holiday season:

1. Have a Healthy Breakfast

Start the day with a nutritious and filling breakfast such as a generous bowl of porridge. It stabilises our blood sugar levels which in turn, helps control our appetite during the day.

2. Stay Hydrated - Drink Water

This is always important but we need to remind us to stay hydrated during the season by drinking up on water. If you don´t feel like gulping down a glass of cold water go for a cup of good herbal tea. It´s good to drink some water before you go to an event as it fills you up and you are less inclined to overeat. It´s also a brilliant idea to have a cup of tea instead of desert or with your desert

3. Eat Regularly

Eat smaller meals regularly to keep your blood glucose at levels; releasing them into your bloodstream gradually instead of one big hit.

4. Have Healthy Snacks on Hand

There are sweet treats all around so it´s easy to snack on something sweet all day long but this is also the season for the delicious clementines, apples, dates and nuts which are a better alternative. Keep them at hand; in your bag, on your desk and in your fridge.

5. Stay Active

Try to squeeze in some exercise no matter how busy you get. If you can´t go for your daily walk or go to the gym try to walk to your Christmas event or walk to the next bus stop.

6. Keep Healthy Meals at Hand

These are busy times seeing friends, shopping and preparing for the festivities so we sometimes don´t have much time to cook healthy meals. It´s good to be prepared and f.ex. make a batch of soup to keep in your fridge or freezer for you to grab when hunger strikes and you´re tight on time.

7. Put something healthy on your plate

Remember to watch portions and put something healthy on your plate when you´re at the Christmas buffet. There are usually some vegetables offered as well so have at least a third of your plate reserved for those goodies.

8. Don´t over Indulge

It´s so easy to be tempted by all the delicious dishes available at this time of the year; the special dishes made by our mother or grandmother and we only eat once a year. It´s absolutely necessary to enjoy these dishes but just don´t stuff your self or go for seconds.

9. Be Present - Enjoy

Practice mindful eating by listening to your body and responding when it signals that you are becoming sated by moving away from the food. Eat slowly, enjoy the taste and the good company.

10. Get a good nights Sleep

Despite everything that´s going on it´s important to get a good nights sleep as the body craves more food when we are sleep deprived. Try to clock in the classic eight hours and you will have the energy to exercise and are better prepared to resist temptation when it comes to food.

Enjoy the Holidays :)