A Few Tips on Doing a Summer Detox

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Summer is the perfect time to do a detox with the arrival of the warm weather and the arrival of a plentiful of fresh fruits and vegetables available at the stores and the market. A summer detox is the perfect way to get your energy levels up and filling your body up on natures nourishing ingredients. It also improves your digestions, you will feel less bloated and will probably loose some weight. In fact, you should not look at this as a detox to do for a few days but a good way to kickstart some good eating habits; focusing more on plant based diet and a good way to replace some old and maybe not so good habits.  

Seasonal and fresh products are at their best now and it is simple to add them to your every meal; from breakfast to dinner. Doing a summer deotx is not complicated and to many it comes naturally to swithch to lighter meals during the summer season but just keep these key elements in mind:

Drink healthy liquids to keep your self hydrated while pouring in nutrients. Switch your coffee out to good green tea and infuse your water with fresh fruits and vegetables such as lemons and cucumbers. We can highly recommend this brand TeaTox which is available at our restaurant. It´s not just important to drink enough because of the heat but also to aid with digestion when you increase your fibre intake (read below).

Fibre up: By eating whole food (not processed) we also reap the benefits of added fiber which is important in supporting a healthy digestive tract as it also helps shifting the balance of bacteria;  increasing healthy bacteria, while decreasing the unhealthy ones. Fiber is only found in fruits, vegetables and grains in the cellular wall of these foods so sink your teeth into all the fresh fruits and vegetables that are available. Remember to drink enough water to aid in the digestion of the increased fibres.

Energize while cleansing: 
It is tempting to turn to coffee and carb loaded foods when we suffer from stress and fatique. The right formula for gaining some energy is eating the right combination of food. A balance of some fruits, vegetables, grains, healthy fats and proteins are what our bodies need. Go for organic when possible.

That´s it folks ... enjoy the warm weather and eat well :)

Happy summer time from the HaPP team

Thorhildur Einarsdottir